Power Lines EMF Safety Levels / Safe Distance Survey Procedure


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Sample of EMF Survey Report

So how does an EMF testing survey work?  What to expect:

1) Contact us by phone, text or email with your contact information and the address you are interested in as well as a brief description of your concerns.

2) We negotiate a quote that you find acceptable and make an appointment. (often we do weekends and evenings)

3) Our inspector(s) show up, have you sign our service contract, and then the survey begins. You are free to watch and ask questions or if you have other tasks, we will let you know when we have finished. (roughly 40 min – 90 min depending on the scope of work)

4) We sit down and discuss what was found or not found, the risk factors involved (if any) from power lines, cell towers, WiFi, wireless, transformers, substation, etc. and the mitigation steps which can be taken in terms of EMF protection.

5) If you are opting in for a Written report, we take our handwritten notes on the levels and what we found and then type it into a formal report as shown above and email it within approx 3 business days. (faster service is possible upon request)

6) A graphical aerial overlay map is extra, but sometimes invaluable for displaying EMF level data which may not be as meaningful if left in tabular, spreadsheet form.

7) Often we do get followup questions about the survey and respond promptly.

More Recent EMF / EMI Survey FAQ

EMF Site Testing Survey Report
EMF Aerial View showing magnetic field levels on property in Dallas County


For a radon survey, we deploy either a kit/device to measure the radon gas levels over a period of at least 1 day for the digital radon monitor and 2 -4 days for the activated charcoal radon kit in order to get a time weighted average (TWA) and compare that with the EPA action limit of 4 picoCuries / liter to determine if a mitigation solution is in order.

This particular survey is a bit different from other indoor air quality testing / EMF testing surveys in that it usually requires two trips (one to deploy, the second to pick up and interpret the results) unless you:

  • Opt for the activated charcoal kit
  • Take responsibility for filling out the rest of the paperwork and indicating the proper end time of radon testing (date and clock time)
  • Then seal the kit along with the paperwork in the special included envelope
  • Finally mail or hand carry the sealed kit with paperwork to the testing lab.

Please feel free to ask for more details, but an informational link can be found here:

Radon Testing Facts & Home Inspection in Dallas / Fort Worth

And blogs with more detailed information on Radon Testing and indoor air quality are here:

Radon Gas Testing Blog

Indoor Air Quality Testing Blog


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2 thoughts on “Power Lines EMF Safety Levels / Safe Distance Survey Procedure”

    1. Ms. Betty Saenz,

      Thank you for writing in with this excellent and highly relevant question!


      Mitigation of EMF: We do not do any direct mitigation but consult as to the best course of action depending on the nature of the EMF source and what the client is willing to do and/or tolerate.

      In many cases, rewiring will work if there is an electrical issue. (we find these very often) If it is a point source in or near the home, shielding may be a remedy. In other cases, suggestions for repositioning of furniture such as beds, couches, chairs, office areas, etc. is the best route. Also, we may recommend lower current devices such as LED bulbs over high output halogen lighting.

      Best Regards,

      Joel-Anthony Gray BSEE / Heather Thomas BSEE

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